KATE WINSLET... Rose DeWitt Bukater
KATHY BATES... Molly Brown
BILLY ZANE... Caledon Hockley
BILL PAXTON... Brock Lovett

Written and Directed by:

Page 1 - Old Rose Returns to Titanic
Page 2 -
Sailing Day
Page 3 -
Rose Meets Jack
Page 4 -
The Boat Deck
Page 5 -
Jack in First Class/Real Party
Page 6 -
I Changed My Mind/Drawing
Page 7 -
The Iceberg
Page 8 -
Loading The Lifeboats
Page 9 -
Rose Saves Jack
Page 10 -
Jack and Rose Escape
Page 11 -
The Sinking
Page 12 - The Aftermath

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The Script you will find on the pages within was kindly sent to me by a friend. Obviously I'm a great fan of the movie Titanic and therefore wanted to create a place for Titanic fans to really take a good look at the movie!

To the right is the script itself (together with my own captured graphics) and a little bit about each of the characters and actors. Please let me know what you think of this site by signing the guestbook under Miscellanous!

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