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Jack pulls on the pipe with all his strength. It's not budging. He hears gurgling sound. Water pours under the door, spreading rapidly across the floor.

JACK: Shit
He tries to pull one hand out of the cuffs, working until the skin is raw... no good.
JACK: Help!! Somebody!! Can anybody hear me?!

(to himself) This could be bad.

181 THE CORRIDOR outside is deserted. Flooded a couple of inches deep. Jack's voice comes faintly through the door, but there is no one to hear it.



Thomas Andrews is opening stateroom doors, checking that people are out.

ANDREWS: Anyone in here?
Rose runs up to him, breathless.
ROSE: Mr. Andrews, thank God! Where would the Master at Arms take someone under arrest?!
ANDREWS: What? You have to get to a boat right away!
ROSE: No! I'll do this with or without your help, sir. But without will take longer.
ANDREWS: (beat) Take the elevator to the very bottom, go left, down the crewman's passage, then make a right.
ROSE: Bottom, left, right. I have it.
ANDREWS: Hurry, Rose.


Rose runs up as the last Elevator Operator is closing up his lift to leave.

OPERATOR: Sorry, miss, lifts are closed--
Without thinking she grabs him and shoves him back into the lift.
ROSE: I'm through with being polite, goddamnit!! I may never be polite the rest of my life! Now take me down!!
The operator fumbles to close the gate and start the lift.



Molly and the two seamen are rowing, and they've made it a hundred feet or so. Enough to see that the ship is angled down into the water, with the bow rail less than ten feet above the surface.

MOLLY: Come on girls, join in, it'll keep ya warm. Let's go Ruth. Grab an oar!
Ruth just stares at the spectacle of the great liner, its rows of lights blazing, slanting down into the sullen black mirror of the Atlantic.



Through the wrought iron door of the elevator car Rose can see the decks going past. The lift slows. Suddenly ICE WATER is swirling around her legs. She SCREAMS in surprise. So does the operator.

The car has landed in a foot of freezing water, shocking the hell out of her. She claws the door open and splashes out, hiking up her floor-length skirt so she can move. The lift goes back up, behind her, as she looks around.

ROSE: Left, crew passage.
She spots it and slogs down the flooded corridor. The place is understandably deserted. She is on her own.
ROSE: Right, right... right.
She turns into a cross-corridor, splashing down the hall. A row of doors on each side.
ROSE: Jack? Jaaacckk??


Jack is hopelessly pulling on the pipe again, straining until he turns red. He collapses back on the bench. realizing he's screwed. Then he hears her through the door.

JACK: ROSE!! In here!
187 IN THE HALL Rose hears his voice behind her. She spins and runs back, locating the right door, then pushes it open, creating a small wave.

She splashes over Jack and puts her arms around him.

ROSE: Jack, Jack, Jack... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
They are so happy to see each other it's embarrassing.
JACK: That guy Lovejoy put it in my pocket.
ROSE: I know, I know.
JACK: See if you can find a key for these. Try those drawers. It's a little brass one.
She kisses his face and hugs him again, then starts to go through the desk.
JACK: So... how did you find out I didn't do it?
ROSE: I didn't.

(she looks at him) I just realized I already knew.

They share a look, then she goes back to ransacking the room, searching drawers and cupboards. Jack sees movement out the porthole and looks out.

A LIFEBOAT hits the surface of the water, seen from below.



While the seamen detach the falls, Boat One rocks next to the hull. Lucile and Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon sit with ten others in a boat made for four times that many.

LUCILLE: I despise small boats. I just know I'm going to be seasick. I always get seasick in small boats. Good Heavens, there's a man down there.
In a lit porthole beneath the surface she sees Jack looking up at her... a face in a bubble of light under the water.



Rose stops trashing the room, and stands there, breathing hard.

ROSE: There's no key in here.
They look around at the water, now almost two feet deep. Jack has pulled his feet up onto the bench.
JACK: You have to go for help.
ROSE: (nodding) I'll be right back.
JACK: I'll wait here.
She runs out, looking back at him once from the doorway, then splashes away. Jack looks down at the swirling water.



Rose splashes down the hall to a stairwell going up to the next deck. She climbs the stairs, her long skirt leaving a trail like a giant snail. The weight of it is really slowing her down. She rips at the buttons and shimmies quickly out of the thing. She bounds up the stairs in her stockings and knee-length slip, to find herself in--

191 A LONG CORRIDOR... part of the labyrinth of steerage hallways forward.She is alone here. A long groan of stressing metal echoes along the hall as the ship continues to settle. She runs down the hall, unimpeded now.

ROSE: Hello? Somebody?!
She turns a corner and runs along another corridor in a daze. The hall slopes down into water which, shimmers, reflecting the light. The margin of the water creeps toward her. A YOUNG MAN appears, running through the water, sending up geysers of spray. He pelts past her without slowing, his eyes crazed...
ROSE: Help me! We need help!
He doesn't look back. It is like a bad dream. The hull gongs with terrifying sounds.

The lights flicker and go out, leaving utter darkness. A beat. Then they come back on. She finds herself hyperventilating. That one moment of blackness was the most terrifying of her life.

A STEWARD runs around the nearest corner, his arms full of lifebelts. He is upset to see someone still in his section. He grabs her forcefully by the arm, pulling her with him like a wayward child.

STEWARD: Come on, then, let's get you topside, miss, that's right.
ROSE: Wait. Wait! I need your help! There's--
STEWARD: No need for panic, miss. Come along!
ROSE: No, let me go! You're going the wrong way!
He's not listening. And he won't let her go.

She SHOUTS in his ear, and when he turns, she punches him squarely in the nose. Shocked, he lets her go and staggers back.

STEWARD: To Hell with you!
ROSE: See you there, buster!
The steward runs off, holding his bloody nose. She spits after him. Just the way Jack taught her. She turns around, SEES: a glass case with a fire-axe in it. She breaks the glass with a battered suitcase which is lying discarded nearby, and seizes the axe, running back the way she came.

192 AT THE STAIRWELL she looks down and gasps. The water has flooded the bottom five steps. She goes down and has to crouch to look along the corridor to the room where Jack is trapped.

Rose plunges into the water, which is up to her waist... and powers forward, holding the axe above her head in two hands. She grimaces at the pain from the literally freezing water.



Jack has climbed up on the bench, and is hugging the waterpipe. Rose wades in, holding the axe above her head.

ROSE: Will this work?
JACK: We'll find out.
They are both terrified, but trying to keep panic at bay. He positions the chain connecting the two cuffs, stretching it taut across the steel pipe. The chain is of course very short, and his exposed wrists are on either side of it.
JACK: Try a couple practice swings.
Rose hefts the axe and thunks it into a wooden cabinet.
JACK: Now try to hit the same mark again.
She swings hard and the blade thunks in four inches from the mark.
JACK: Okay, that's enough practice.
He winces, bracing himself as she raises the axe. She has to hit a target about an inch wide with all the force she can muster, with his hands on either side.
JACK: (sounding calm) You can do it, Rose. Hit it as hard as you can, I trust you.
Jack closes his eyes. So does she. The axe comes down. K-WHANG! Rose gingerly opens her eyes looks... Jack is grinning with two separate cuffs. Rose drops the axe, all the strength going out of her.
JACK: Nice work, there, Paul Bunyan.
He climbs down into the water next to her. He can't breathe for a second.
JACK: Shit! Excuse my French. Ow ow ow, that is cold! Come on, let's go.
They wade out into the hall. Rose starts toward the stairs going up, but Jack stops her. There is only about a foot of the stairwell opening visible.
JACK: Too deep. We gotta find another way out.


TIGHT ON THE LETTERS TITANIC painted two feet high on the bow of the doomed steamer. Once 50 feet above the waterline, they now quietly slip below the surface. We see them, gold on black, rippling and dimming to a pale green as they go deeper.

195 IN BOAT SIX, Ruth looks back at the Titanic, transfixed by the sight of the dying liner. The bowsprit is now barely above the waterline. Another of Boxhall's rockets EXPLODES overhead. K-BOOM! It lights up the whole area, and we see half a dozen boats in the water, spreading out from the ship.

MOLLY: Now there's somethin' you don't see every day.


The widest passageway in the ship, it is used by crew and steerage alike, and runs almost the length of the ship. Right now steerage passengers move along it like refugees, heading aft.

CRASH! A wooden doorframe splinters and the door bursts open under the force of Jack's shoulder. Jack and Rose stumble through, into the corridor. A STEWARD, who was nearby herding people along, marches over.

STEWARD: Here you! You'll have to pay for that, you know. That's White Star Line property--
JACK/ROSE: (turning together) Shut up!
Jack leads her past the dumbfounded steward. They join the steerage stragglers going aft. In places the corridor is almost completely blocked by large families carrying all their luggage.

AN IRISH WOMAN gives Rose a blanket, more for modesty than because she is blue-lipped and shivering.

IRISHWOMAN: Here, lass, cover yerself.
Jack rubs her arms and tries to warm her up as they walk along. The woman's husband offers them a flask of whiskey.
IRISHMAN: This'll take the chill off.
Rose takes a mighty belt and hands it to Jack. He grins and follows suit. Jack tries a number of DOORS and IRON GATES along the way, finding them all locked.



ON THE BOAT DECK, the action has moved to the aft group of boats, numbers 9, 11, 13 and 15 on the starboard side, and 10, 12, 14 and 16 on the port side. The pace of work is more frantic. You see crew and officers running now to work the davits, their previous complacency gone.

CAL pushes through the crowd, scanning for Rose. Around him is chaos and confusion. A woman is calling for a child who has become separated from the crowd. A man is shouting over people's heads. A woman takes hold of Second Officer Lightoller's arm as he is about to launch Boat 10.

WOMAN: Will you hold the boat a moment? I have to run back to my room for something--
Lightoller grabs her and shoves her bodily into the boat. Thomas Andrews rushes up to him just then.
ANDREWS: Why are the boats being launched half full?!
Lightoller steps past him, helping a seaman clear a snarled fall.
LIGHTOLLER: Not now, Mr. Andrews.
ANDREWS: (pointing down at the water) There, look... twenty or so in a boat built for sixty five. And I saw one boat with only twelve. Twelve!
LIGHTOLLER: Well... we were not sure of the weight--
ANDREWS: Rubbish! They were tested in Belfast with the weight of 70 men. Now fill these boats, Mr. Lightoller. For God's sake, man!
The shot HANDS OFF to Cal, who sees Lovejoy hurrying toward him through the aisle connecting the port and starboard sides of the boat deck.
LOVEJOY: She's not on the starboard side either.
CAL: We're running out of time. And this strutting martinet...

(indicating Lightoller) ...isn't letting any men in at all.

LOVEJOY: The one on the other side is letting men in.
CAL: Then that's our play. But we're still going to need some insurance.

(he starts off forward) Come on.

Cal charges off, heading forward, followed by Lovejoy. The SHOT HANDS OFF to a finely dressed elderly couple, IDA and ISIDOR STRAUSS.
ISIDOR: Please, Ida, get into the boat.
IDA: No. We've been together for forty years, and where you go, I go. Don't argue with me, Isidor, you know it does no good.
He looks at her with sadness and great love. They embrace gently.
LIGHTOLLER: Lower away!!


AT THE BOW... the place where Jack and Rose first kissed... the bow railing goes under water. Water swirls around the capstans and windlasses on the foc'sle deck.

Smith strides to the bridge rail and looks down at the well deck. Water is shipped over the sides and the well deck is awash. Two men run across the deck, their feet sending up spray. Behind Smith, Boxhall fires another rocket. WHOOSH!





Fabrizio, standing with Helga Dahl and her family, hears Jack's voice.

JACK: Fabrizio! Fabri!
Fabrizio turns and sees Jack and Rose pushing through the crowd. He and Jack hug like brothers.
FABRIZIO: The boats are all going.
JACK: We gotta get up there or we're gonna be gargling saltwater. Where's Tommy?
Fabrizio points over the heads of the solidly packed crowd to the stairwell.

Tommy has his hands on the bars of the steel gate which blocks the head of the stairwell. The crew open the gate a foot or so and a few women are squeezing through.

STEWARD#2: Women only. No men. No men!!
But some terrified men, not understanding English, try to rush through the gap, forcing the gate open. The crewmen and stewards push them back, shoving and punching them.
STEWARD#2: Get back! Get back you lot!

(to the crewmen) Lock it!!

They struggle to get the gate closed again, while Steward #2 brandishes a small revolver. Another holds a fire axe. They lock the gate, and a cry goes up among the crowd, who surge forward, pounding against the steel and shouting in several languages.
TOMMY: For the love of God, man, there are children down here! Let us up, so we can have a chance!
But the crewmen are scared now. They have let the situation get out of hand, and now they have a mob. Tommy gives up and pushes his way back through the crowd, going down the stairs. He rejoins Jack, Rose and Fabrizio.
TOMMY: It's hopeless that way.
JACK: Well, whatever we're goin' to do, we better do it fast.
Fabrizio turns to Helga, praying he can make himself understood.
FABRIZIO: (with a lot of hand gestures) Everyone... all of you... come with me now. We go to the boats. We go to the boats. Capito? Come now!
They can't understand what he's saying. They can see his urgency, but OLAF DAHL, the patriarch of the family, shakes his head. He will not panic, and will not let his family go with this boy. Fabrizio turns to Helga.
FABRIZIO: Helga... per favore... please... come with me, I am lucky. Is my destiny to go to America.
She kisses him, then steps back to be with her family. Jack lays a hand on his shoulder, his eyes saying "Let's go".
FABRIZIO: I will never forget you.




CLUNK! Cal opens his safe and reaches inside. As Lovejoy watches, he pulls out two stacks of bills, still banded by bank wrappers. Then he takes out "Heart of the Ocean", putting it in the pocket of his overcoat, and locks the safe.

CAL: (holding up stacks of bills) I make my own luck.
LOVEJOY: (putting the .45 in his waistband) So do I.
Cal grins, putting the money in his pocket as they go out.



Jack, Rose, Fabrizio and Tommy are lost, searching for a way out. They push past confused passengers... past a mother changing her baby's diaper on top of an upturned steamer trunk... past a woman arguing heatedly with a man in Serbo-Croatian, a wailing child next to them... past a man kneeling to console a woman who is just sitting on the floor, sobbing... and past another man with an English/Arabic dictionary, trying to figure out what the signs mean, while his wife and children wait patiently.

Jack et al come upon a narrow stairwell and they go up two decks before they are stopped by a small group pressed up against a steel gate. The steerage men are yelling at a scared STEWARD.

STEWARD: Go to the main stairwell, with everyone else. It'll all get sorted out there.
Jack takes one look at this scene and finally just loses it.
JACK: God damn it to Hell son of a bitch!!
He grabs one end of a bench bolted to the floor on the landing. He starts pulling on it, and Tommy and Fabrizio pitch in until the bolts shear and it breaks free. Rose figures out what they are doing and clears a path up the stairs between the waiting people.
ROSE: Move aside! Quickly, move aside!
Jack and Tommy run up the steps with the bench and RAM IT INTO THE GATE with all their strength. It rips loose from its track and falls outward, narrowly missing the steward. Led by Jack, the crowd surges though. Rose steps up to the cowering steward and says in her most imperious tone:
ROSE: If you have any intention of keeping your pathetic job with the White Star Line, I suggest you escort these good people to the boat deck... now.
Class wins out. He nods dumbly motions form them to follow.



Ruth rows with Molly Brown, two other women and the incompetent sailors. She rests on her oars, exhausted, and looks back at the ship.

It slants down into the water, still ablaze with light. Nothing is above water forward of the bridge except for the foremast. Another rocket goes off, lighting up the entire area... there are a dozen boats moving outward from the ship.

207 AT THE BOAT DECK RAIL Captain Smith is shouting to Boat 6 through a large metal megaphone.

SMITH: Come back! Come back to the ship!
CHIEF OFFICER WILDE joins him, blowing his silver whistle.

208 FROM BOAT 6 the whistle comes shrilly across the water. Quartermaster Hitchins grips the rudder in fear.

HITCHINS: The suction will pull us right down if we don't keep going.
MOLLY: We got room for lots more. I say we go back.
HITCHINS: No! It's our lives now, not theirs. And I'm in charge of this boat! Now row!!
209 CAPTAIN SMITH, at the rail of the boat deck, lowers his megaphone slowly.
SMITH: The fools.