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The band finishes the waltz. Wallace Hartley looks at the orchestra members.

HARTLEY: Right, that's it then.
They leave him, walking forward along the deck. Hartley puts his violin to his chin and bows the first notes of "Nearer My God to Thee". One by one the band members turn, hearing the lonely melody.

Without a word they walk back and take their places. They join in with Hartley, filling out the sound so that it reaches all over the ship on this still night. The vocalist begins: "If in my dreams I be, nearer my God to thee..."


237 A seaman pulls off his lifebelt and catches up to Captain Smith as he walks to the bridge. He offers it, but Smith seems to stare through him. Without a word he turns and goes onto the bridge. He enters the enclosed.

WHEELHOUSE and closes the door. He is alone, surrounded by the gleaming brass instruments. He seems to inwardly collapse.

238 IN THE FIRST CLASS SMOKING ROOM Andrews stands like a statue. He pulls out his pocketwatch and checks the time. Then he opens the face of the mantle clock and adjusts it to the correct time: 2:12 a.m. Everything must be correct.

239 IN CAL'S PARLOR SUITE water swirls in from the private promenade deck. Rose's paintings are submerged. The Picasso transforms under the water's surface. Degas' colors run. Monet's water lilies come to life.

240 DOWNANGLE on the two figures lying side by side, fully clothed, on a bed in a FIRST CLASS CABIN. Elderly Ida and Isidor Strauss stare at the ceiling, holding hands like young lovers. Water pours into the room through a doorway. It swirls around the bed, two feet deep rising fast.

241 IN A STEERAGE CABIN somewhere in the bowels of the ship, the young IRISH MOTHER, seen earlier stoically waiting at the stairs, is tucking her two young children into bed. She pulls up the covers, making sure they are all warm and cozy. She lies down with them on the bed, speaking soothingly and holding them.



242 IN A WIDE SHOT we see a wave travel up the boat deck as the bridge house sinks into the water.

243 ON THE PORT SIDE Collapsible B is picked up by water. Working frantically, the men try to detach it from the falls so the ship won't drag it under. Colonel Gracie hands Lightoller a pocket knife and he saws furiously at the ropes as the water swirls around his legs. The boat, still upside down, is swept off the ship. Men start diving in, swimming to stay with it.

244 IN COLLAPSIBLE A Cal sits next to the wailing child, whom he has completely forgotten. He watches the water rising around the men as they work, scrambling to get the ropes cut so the ship won't drag the collapsible under.

Fabrizio removes the lifebelt from Tommy's body and struggles to put it on as the water rises around him.

245 CAPTAIN SMITH, standing near the wheel, watches the black water climbing the windows of the enclosed wheelhouse. He has the stricken expression of a damned soul on Judgment Day. The windows burst suddenly and a wall of water edged with shards of glass slams into Smith. He disappears in a vortex of foam.

246 Collapsible A is hit by a wave as the bow plunges suddenly. It partially swamps the boat, washing it along the deck. Over a hundred passengers are plunged into the freezing water and the area around the boat becomes a frenzy of splashing, screaming people.

As men are trying to climb into the collapsible, Cal grabs an oar and pushes them back into the water.

CAL: Get back! You'll swamp us!
Fabrizio, swimming for his life, gets swirled under a davit. The ropes and pulleys tangle around him as the davit goes under the water, and he is dragged down. Underwater he struggles to free himself, and then kicks back to the surface. He surfaces, gasping for air in the freezing water.

247 WALLACE HARTLEY sees the water rolling rapidly up the deck toward them. He holds the last note of the hymn in a sustain, and then lowers his violin.

HARTLEY: Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.


Jack and Rose run out of the PALM COURT into a dense crowd. Jack pushes his way to the rail and looks at the state of the ship. The bridge is under water and there is chaos on deck. Jack helps her put her lifebelt on. People stream around them, shouting and pushing.

JACK: Okay... we keep moving aft. We have to stay on the ship as long as possible.
They push their way aft through the panicking crowd.



Collapsible A is whirled like a leaf in the currents around the sinking ship. It slams against the side of the forward funnel.

CAL: (to the crew in the boat) Row! Row you bastards!!
250 NEARBY: Fabrizio is drawn up against the grating of a STOKEHOLD VENT as water pours through it. The force of tons of water roaring down the ship traps him against it, and he is dragged down under the surface as the ship sinks. He struggles to free himself but cannot.

Suddenly there is a concussion deep in the bowels of the ship as a furnace explodes and a blast of hot air belches out of the ventilator, ejecting Fabrizio. He surfaces in a roar of foam and keeps swimming.



Jack and Rose clamber over the A-Deck aft rail. Then, using all his strength, he lowers her toward the deck below, holding on with one hand.

She dangles, then falls. Jack jumps down behind her.

They join a crush of people literally clawing and scrambling over each other to get down the narrow stairs to the well deck... the only way aft.

Seeing that the stairs are impossible, Jack climbs over the B-Deck railing and helps Rose over. He lowers her again, and she falls in a heap. Baker Joughin, now three sheets to the wind, happens to be next to her. He hauls Rose to her feet. Jack drops down and the three of them push through the crowd across the well deck. Near them, at the rail, people are jumping into the water.

The ship GROANS and SHUDDERS. The man ahead of Jack is walking like a zombie.

MAN: Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death--
JACK: You wanna walk a little faster through that valley, fella?
250 NEARBY: Fabrizio is drawn up against the grating of a STOKEHOLD VENT as water pours through it. The force of tons of water roaring down the ship traps him against it, and he is dragged down under the surface as the ship sinks. He struggles to free himself but cannot.

Suddenly there is a concussion deep in the bowels of the ship as a furnace explodes and a blast of hot air belches out of the ventilator, ejecting Fabrizio. He surfaces in a roar of foam and keeps swimming.



The stay cables along the top of the funnel snap, and they lash like steel whips down into the water. Cal watches as the funnel topples from its mounts. Falling like a temple pillar twenty eight feet across it whomps into the water with a tremendous splash. People swimming underneath it disappear in an instant.

Fabrizio, a few feet away, is hurled back by a huge wave. He comes up, gasping... still swimming. The water pouring into the open end of the funnel draws in several swimmers. The funnel sinks, disappearing, but--

Hundreds of tons of water pour down through the 30 foot hole where the funnel stood, thundering down into the belly of the ship. A whirlpool forms, a hole in the ocean, like at enormous toilet-flush. T. W. McCauley, the gym instructor swims in a frenzy as the vortex draws him in. He is sucked down like a spider going down a drain.

Fabrizio, nearby, swims like Hell as more people are sucked down behind him. He manages to get clear. He's going to live no matter what it takes.



Water roars through the doors and windows, cascading down the stairs like a rapids. John Jacob Astor is swept down the marble steps to A-Deck, which is already flooded... a roiling vortex. He grabs the headless cherub at the bottom of the staircase and wraps his arms around it.

Water roars through the doors and windows, cascading down the stairs like a rapids. John Jacob Astor is swept down the marble steps to A-Deck, which is already flooded... a roiling vortex. He grabs the headless cherub at the bottom of the staircase and wraps his arms around it.

Astor looks up in time to see the 30 foot glass dome overhead EXPLODE INWARD with the wave of water washing over it. A Niagara of sea water thunders down into the room, blasting through the first class opulence. It is the Armageddon of elegance.




The flooding is horrific. Walls and doors are splintered like kindling. Water roars down corridors with pile-driver force.

The CARTMELL FAMILY is at the top of a stairwell, jammed against a locked gate like Jack and Rose were. Water boils up the stairwell behind them. Bert Cartmell shakes the gate futilely, shouting for help. Little Cora wails as the water boils up around them all.



Rose and Jack struggle to climb the well deck stairs as the ship tilts. Drunk Baker Joughin puts a hand squarely on Rose's butt and shoves her up onto the deck.

JOUGHIN: Sorry, miss!
Hundreds of people are already on the poop deck, and more are pouring up every second. Jack and Rose cling together as they struggle across the tilting deck.

257 As the bow goes down, the STERN RISES. IN BOAT 2, which is just off the stern, passengers gape as the giant bronze propellers rise out of the water like gods of the deep, FILLING FRAME behind them.

People are JUMPING from the well deck, the poop deck, the gangway doors. Some hit debris in the water and are hurt or killed.





ON THE POOP DECK Jack and Rose struggle aft as the angle increases. Hundreds of passengers, clinging to every fixed object on deck, huddle on their knees around FATHER BYLES, who has his voice raised in prayer. They are praying, sobbing, or just staring at nothing, their minds blank with dread.

Pulling himself from handhold to handhold, Jack tugs Rose aft along the deck.

JACK: Come on, Rose. We can't expect God to do all the work for us.
They struggle on, pushing through the praying people. A MAN loses his footing ahead and slides toward them. Jack helps him.

261 THE PROPELLERS are twenty feet above the water and rising faster.

262 JACK AND ROSE make it to the stern rail, right at the base of the flagpole. They grip the rail, jammed in between other people. It is the spot where Jack pulled her back onto the ship, just two nights... and a lifetime... ago.

Above the wailing and sobbing, Father Byles' voice carries, cracking with emotion.

FATHER BYLES: ..and I saw new heavens and a new earth. The former heavens and the former earth had passed away and the sea was no longer.
The lights flicker, threatening to go out. Rose grips Jack as the stern rises into a night sky ablaze with stars.
FATHER BYLES: I also saw a new Jerusalem, the holy city coming down out of heaven from God, beautiful as a bride prepared to meet her husband. I heard a loud voice from the throne ring out this is God's dwelling among men. He shall dwell with them and they shall be his people and He shall be their God who is always with them.
Rose stares about her at the faces of the doomed. Near them are the DAHL FAMILY, clinging together stoically. Helga looks at her briefly, and her eyes are infinitely sad.

Rose sees a young mother next to her, clutching her five year old son, who is crying in terror.

MOTHER: Shhh. Don't cry. It'll be over soon, darling. It'll all be over soon.
FATHER BYLES: He shall wipe every tear from their eyes. And there shall be no more death or mourning, crying out or pain, for the former world has passed away.


As the ship tilts further everything not bolted down inside shifts.

263 CUPBOARDS burst open in the pantry showering the floor with tons of china. A PIANO slides across the floor, crashing into a wall. FURNITURE tumbles across the Smoking Room floor.

264 ON THE A-DECK PROMENADE passengers lose their grip and slide down the wooden deck like a bobsled run, hundreds of feet before they hit the water.

TRUDY BOLT, Rose's maid, slips as she struggles along the railing and slides away screaming.

265 AT THE STERN the propellers are 100 feet out of the water and rising. Panicking people leap from the poop deck rail, fall screaming and hit the water like mortar rounds. A man falls from the poop deck, hitting the bronze hub of the starboard propeller with a sickening smack.

266 SWIMMERS LOOK UP and see the stern towering over them like a monolith, the propellers rising against the stars. 110 feet. 120.

267 AT THE STERN RAIL a man jumps. IN HIS POV we fall seemingly forever, right past one of the giant screws. The water rushes up--



268 TRACKING SLOWLY IN on Ruth as the sounds of the dying ship and the screaming people come across the water.

269 REVERSE / HER POV: IN A WIDE SHOT we see the spectacle of the Titanic, her lights blazing, reflecting in the still water. Its stern is high in the air, angles up over forty five degrees. The propellers are 150 feet out of the water. Over a thousand passengers cling to the decks, looking from a distance like a swarm of bees.

The image is shocking, unbelievable, unthinkable. Ruth stares at the spectacle, unable to frame it or put it into any proportion.

MOLLY BROWN: God Almighty.
The great liner's lights.



In darkness Chief Engineer Bell hangs onto a pipe at the master braker panel. Around him men climb through tilted cyclopean machines with electric hand-torches. It is a black hell of breaking pipes, spraying water, and groaning machinery threatening to tear right out of its bedplates.

Water sprays down, hitting the breaker panel, but Bell will not leave his post. CLUNK. The breakers kick. He slams them in again and-- WHOOM! a blast of light! Something melts and arcing fills the engine room with nightmarish light--



WIDE SHOT. The lights go out all over the ship. Titanic becomes a vast black silhouette against the stars.

IN COLLAPSIBLE C: BRUCE ISMAY has his back to the ship, unable to watch the great steamer die. He is catatonic with remorse, his mind overloaded. He can avert his eyes, but he can't block out the sounds of dying people and machinery.

A loud CRACKING REPORT comes across the water.



Near the third funnel a man clutches the ship's rail. He stares down as the DECK SPLITS right between his feet. A yawning chasm opens with a THUNDER of breaking steel.

LOVEJOY is clutching the railing on the roof of the Officers' Mess. He watches in horror as the ship's structure RIPS APART right in front of him. He gapes down into a widening maw, seeing straight down into the bowels of the ship, amid a BOOMING CONCUSSION like the sound of artillery. People falling into the widening crevasse look like dolls.

The stay cables on the funnel part and snap across the decks like whips, ripping off davits and ventilators. A man is hit by a whipping cable and snatched OUT OF FRAME. Another cable smashes the rail next to Lovejoy and it rips free. He falls backward into the pit of jagged metal.

Fires, explosions and sparks light the yawning chasm as the hull splits down through nine decks to the keel. The sea pours into the gaping wound--



It is a thundering black hell. Men scream as monstrous machinery comes apart around them, steel frames twisting like taffy. Their torches illuminate the roaring, foaming demon of water as it races at the through the machines. Trying to climb they are overtaken in seconds.



The STERN HALF of the ship, almost four hundred feet long, falls back toward the water. On the poop deck everyone screams as they feel themselves plummeting. The sound goes up like the roar of fans at a baseball stadium when a run is scored.

Swimming in the water directly under the stern a few unfortunates shriek as they see the keel coming down on them like God's bootheel. The massive stern section falls back almost level, thundering down into the sea and pushing out a mighty wave of displaced water.

Jack and Rose struggle to hole onto the stern rail. They feel the ship seemingly RIGHT ITSELF. Some of those praying think it is salvation.

SEVERAL PEOPLE: We're saved!
Jack looks at Rose and shakes his head, grimly.

Now the horrible mechanics play out. Pulled down by the awesome weight of the flooded bow, the buoyant stern tilts up rapidly. They feel the RUSH OF ASCENT as the fantail angles up again. Everyone is clinging to benches, railings, ventilators... anything to keep from sliding as the stern lifts.

The stern goes up and up, past 45 degrees, then past sixty.

People start to fall, sliding and tumbling. They skid down the deck, screaming and flailing to grab onto something. They wrench other people loose and pull them down as well. There is a pile-up of bodies at the forward rail. The DAHL FAMILY falls one by one.

JACK: We have to move!
He climbs over the stern rail and reaches back for Rose. She is terrified to move. He grabs her hand.
JACK: Come on! I've got you!
Jack pulls her over the rail. It is the same place he pulled her over the rail two nights earlier, going the other direction. She gets over just as the railing is going HORIZONTAL, and the deck VERTICAL. Jack grips her fiercely.

The stern is now straight up in the air... a rumbling black monolith standing against the stars. It hangs there like that for a long grace note, its buoyancy stable.

Rose lies on the railing, looking down fifteen stories to the boiling sea at the base of the stern section. People near them, who didn't climb over, hang from the railing, their legs dangling over the long drop. They fall one by one, plummeting down the vertical face of the poop deck. Some of them bounce horribly off deck benches and ventilators.

Jack and Rose lie side by side on what was the vertical face of the hull, gripping the railing, which is now horizontal. Just beneath their feet are the gold letters TITANIC emblazoned across the stern.

Rose stares down terrified at the black ocean waiting below to claim them. Jack looks to his left and sees Baker Joughin, crouching on the hull, holding onto the railing. It is a surreal moment.

JOUGHIN: (nodding a greeting) Helluva night.
The final relentless plunge begins as the stern section floods. Looking down a hundred feet to the water, we drop like an elevator with Jack and Rose.
JACK: (talking fast)Take a deep breath and hold it right before we go into the water. The ship will suck us down. Kick for the surface and keep kicking. Don't let go of my hand. We're gonna make it Rose. Trust me.
She stares at the water coming up at them, and grips his hand harder.
ROSE: I trust you.
Below them the poop deck is disappearing. The plunge gathers speed... the boiling surface engulfs the docking bridge and then rushes up the last thirty feet.

278 IN A HIGH SHOT, we see the stern descend into the boiling sea. The name TITANIC disappears, and the tiny figures of Jack and Rose vanish under the water.

Where the ship stood, now there is nothing. Only the black ocean.